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Eyelid Corrective Surgeries

Dr. Osinchuk offers a variety of eyelid surgeries.


Cherry Eye Repair

Offering advanced techniques for difficult cases of cherry eye including ventral rectus tacking.

Entropion before.png

Entropion Repair

Rolled in eyelids rubbing the surface of the eye can be repaired with temporary tacking stitches in your animals or surgically in mature animals.

Eyelid- Entropion, Mass Removal, Cherry Eye: Resources
Large Eyelid Mass pre surgery.png

Large Eyelid Mass Removal with Reconstruction

Dr. Osinchuk removes all types and sizes of eyelid masses using a variety of techniques to preserve the function of the eye.

Third eyelid tumor.png

Third Eyelid and Orbital Tumor Resection

Dr Osinchuk removes masses from the third eyelid and orbit (eye socket) to maintain the eye and vision.


Distichia Removal

Dr. Osinchuk can remove the pesky hairs touching your dog's eye. The dog in this photo has extensive distichia of the lower lid, and a few in the upper eyelid. The distichia have caused a scratch on the eye, which is why it is cloudy, the third eyelid is up and the eye is painful.

Eyelid- Entropion, Mass Removal, Cherry Eye: Resources
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