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How to give an eye drop to your pet

1. Raise the chin with your non-dominant hand until the surface of their eye is parallel with the floor

2. Hold the dropper in your dominant hand like a pencil

3. Elevate the eyelid: Place the back edge of your pinkie on their skull over the eyebrow and move it backwards

5. Squeeze the dropper 

6. Give them a treat and all the praise!!!

Only 1 drop is necessary as a single drop is a greater volume than their tear film can hold. If you accidently give more than one drop it is okay, the drug dose is extremely low.

The video below is more up close and personal so you can see all the details.

Eye Drop Demo: About
Eye Drop Demo: About

Application of Eye Ointments or Gels

There are two techniques for Gels or Ointments. They are both demonstrated from a distance in the video below, then close ups of each technique is provided in the subsequent videos.

Eye Drop Demo: About
Eye Drop Demo: About
Eye Drop Demo: About

Application of Eye Medications For a Horse

This video was submitted by our brilliant client. Here she demonstrates a technique using a treat pouch. While the horses nose is in the treat pouch pressure can be placed on the upper eyelid to raise it and apply the drop or gel.

Eye Drop Demo: About
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