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Corneal Ulcer Repair

Corneal transposition and conjunctival grafting

Corneal ulcers are vision and eye threatening. If your pet has an advanced corneal ulcer, surgical repair offers the best chance to save the eye. Our ulcer surgeries are completed using high powered magnification, because when it comes to an organ less than 1mm thick, magnification matters.

Image by Charles Deluvio
Corneal Ulcer Repair: Service

Conjunctival Grafts

>90% effective in the repair or eyes with deep ulcers or perforation (rupture)

Conjunctival grafts can be used to fill in areas of the cornea lost due to deep or infected ulcerations. The graft increases the tectonic strength of the cornea while the blood supply brings in growth factors to support healing.
Over 90% of grafts heal without complication within three weeks getting your loved one back to their typical shenanigans in no time!

Corneal Perforation

pre graft_edited.jpg

Eyes with corneal perforation are at risk of eminent blindness.

Conjunctival Graft

1 year post graft_edited.jpg

The conjunctival graft replaces the lost tissue and brings in a blood supply to fight infection. The graft saves vision and the eye.

Corneal Ulcer Repair: Features
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