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Preparing for your pet's appointment

We are looking forward to meeting you and your pet!

Once your veterinarian has filled out the referral form our team will contact you within one business day to schedule your appointment. If it is an emergency, please call us right away as we reserve emergency spots each day we are open. The cost of the initial consultation is $255 +tax. This includes intraocular pressures, Schirmer tear test, and fluorescein stain if needed. The consultation is approximately 45-60 minutes.

If you do not have a referral and you would like an appointment with Dr. Osinchuk, please call your family veterinary clinic and request they fill out the referral form.

French Bulldog

Before you arrive

Pack your pet's leash or carrier, their favorite treats, and all of the medications they are currently taking.
Clam shell carriers are preferred for cats.

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When you arrive

We are located at 1045 Linden Avenue. Free parking is available on Fort Street with the closest spots just before Linden Avenue. Our phone number is 778-404-0680

Serious Cat

Your Appointment

Please bring all of your medications to your appointment and provide them for us when you arrive.  The appointment will last approximately 45-60 minutes.
A discharge summary will be provided for each examination and includes information on the diagnosis, and the recommended next steps for treatment or diagnostic testing. A copy of the medical record from the appointment will be sent to your veterinarian the same day of the appointment.

Before Your Appointment: Resources
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