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Glaucoma Surgery

Intervention to keep the eye pressure normal

High pressure within the eye is painful, dangerous, and blinding. Dr. Osinchuk provides state of the art glaucoma intervention to prolong your pets comfort and vision.

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Glaucoma Surgery: Service

Glaucoma Treatment Options

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Ahmed Glaucoma Shunt

Surgical placement of a shunt system allows fluid (aqueous) to leave the eye and alleviate glaucoma. This can prolong the amount of time your pet maintains their vision.

In a study on the glaucoma shunts the mean post surgical vision preservation was 57.5 months.

Glaucoma shunt placement is a day surgery, and requires follow up appointments the same week after surgery.

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Endoscopic Laser Cyclophotocoagulation

This treatment uses a laser attached to a camera that is entered into the eye. The laser specifically treats the ciliary processes, which are structures inside the eye that produces the aqueous. Aqueous normally keeps the eye inflated and nourishes the intraocular structures but in glaucoma when aqueous can't exit the eye, the pressure builds to blinding levels. Laser treatment of the ciliary processes decreases the fluid entering the eye which lowers the pressure and preserves vision.

Glaucoma Surgery: Meet the Team
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Glaucoma Surgery: Image
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